Panther Ink Graphx

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Who Is Panther Ink Graphx?

Panther Ink Graphx is a design company based in Houston, Texas. It has been ran and operated for eight years by freelance designer Vernica Pitcher Varner. With a variety of creativity to choose from, P.I.G. is sure to make you happy with the results. Our goal is to achieve unique identity through design for every client, and make every client stand out amongst the crowd. 

A Message From Vernica

I am an ambitious designer with a keen eye for unique detail and structure. I not only take pride in my work, but I have a great level of respect for the field of art and design. I am a humble, hard worker that takes critique well and I strive to grow and learn in everything I do. I am detail oriented, and I thrive in maturing with technology. I feel that businesses would be unidentifiable without design. Design is the DNA of successful marketing, and I plan on being a major contribution to that success.